What would you do to solve issues relating to teamwork? If you were the leader of a special-purpose team developing a new computer game and conflicts arose related to power and status differences among team members, what would you do? how might you used the various conflict-resolution techniques?

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A successful team work is based on effective communication among team members and a strong leadership. I would find the weaknesses of the team first and then try to implement an enhanced version of communication to improve efficiency. To ensure that all work is under smooth control and is carried out profitably, I would elect a leader who can take charge and responsibility for the group.

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Perhaps you would need to start by doing some team building exercises.  If you have people who have been working on their own before, they might need a bit of time to come to trust and to like their co-workers.  You might also try to be sure that most people have opportunities to have control at various points in the process so you don't always have one person with the power and status and the others with none.

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