What would you ask Macbeth if he were alive ?Hello, Macbeth lovers-- I wonder if anyone can help me; I am doing a assignment on Macbeth for which I have to do a interview with Macbeth, and I...

What would you ask Macbeth if he were alive ?

Hello, Macbeth lovers-- I wonder if anyone can help me; I am doing a assignment on Macbeth for which I have to do a interview with Macbeth, and I wonder what questions I should ask him on this topic: What would you ask him if he were still alive? 

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I would ask Macbeth if he would have killed Duncan if the witches had not told him he would be king.  Since the play begins with the witches, we don't really know if he had ambitions before.

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WHAT were you thinking???? :-)

Did you ever consider cutting your losses rather than getting in deeper and deeper?

If you had it to do over, would you still kill Duncan and just try to avoid your other mistakes?

Do you think you had any control over this, or were you controlled by your destiny?

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I love these sorts of assignments.  It's always fun to try and get into the minds of favorite characters.  How about these two questions:

What would you do differently to assure yourself and crown and a more positive outcome?

How would you guard yourself against the temptation to visit the witches time and again since they intentionally mislead you?

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Some questions come to my mind, a bit repetitive in theme:

How could you let a woman dominate your psyche to the point of being able to push you to the point of no return? Did your wife really feel guilty about killing all those people, or was she just worried about getting blood on the carpet?


Did your acts reflect what you really wanted (even if on an subconscious level at first) or do you think you were simply manipulated - even brainwashed - to do what you did?

In this respect, do you really think you have (or rather had) the qualities to make a good king? (I mean, you wanted to rule a whole kingdom but you couldn't manage your own household and relationship as a couple....)

Are you a victim of circumstance (I think you call it fate or predestination) or do you consider yourself accountable for your acts?

If you could say something to your victims' families, what would be your statement? A mea culpa or something else?

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Why did you listen to your wife and not what you wanted to do, YOUR THE MAN!?! (Iam a girl and it soundes sexist but what can i say!)

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These are some more questions you may consider:

1. Why didn't you aspire to become a poet rather than a soldier?

2. Do you really have children?

3. Do you believe that ambition is the greatest enemy of man?

4. Have you ever given a serious thought to the idea that language is not necessarily a trustworthy apparatus?

5. Did you have a secret intention to use your wife as a pawn in your gameplan of realising ambition?