What would work for a project on Carl Deuker's On the Devil's Court? 

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Carl Deuker's On the Devil's Court is a novel which depicts the age old tale of the selling of one's soul to the Devil in order to gain something (in this case--a great basketball season). 

Here are suggestions for projects to complete over the novel. 

-Write a contract between Joe Faustus and the Devil. Age the paper. Write in old fashioned script. Burn the edges. 

-Create a movie trailer depicting the novel as a movie, 

-Cast real life actors as characters for a filmatic adaptation of the novel. 

-Create a sound-track for the novel. Choose songs which depict specific characters, themes, or actions in the novel. Complete a short explanation for each choice. 

-Create a diary for Joe. Although the novel is written in first person (with Joe as the narrator), define what the reader may be missing. What does Joe leave out of his narration? What "private thoughts" would help to make his story more clear? 

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