What would be a possible thesis statement for chapter 2 of The Scarlet Letter?

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is your project to write a literary analysis of some aspect of the chapter?  If so, in tackling the interesting topics the other responder suggests, consider how the narrator provides dignity to Hester--how does he render her so that we identify with her rather than the crowd that ridicules or at least disparages her as less good than they think themselves to be. What is the point of view in this section that allows us to understand her value and feel compassion if not respect for her? What language does he use in referring to the crowd that does not feel this compassion?  These are a few questions to ask yourself (find the answers with quotations and page numbers) in formulating a thesis on this chapter.

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I would craft a statement that has to do with Hester's dignity in the face of being on the scaffold , with her scarlet letter and child, enduring public ridicule.