How Soccer Explains the World Questions and Answers
by Franklin Foer

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What would the citation for this book look like in APA format?

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To cite a book in a bibliography you must write, in order, the author's last name, their initials, the year the book was published in brackets, the title of the book in italics, where it was published, and the name of the publisher. You can find all this information on the copyright page, which is usually on the first few pages of the book.

So for How Soccer Explains the World, you would cite the book in the bibliography as follows:

Foer, F (2004). How Soccer Explains the World, New York, NY: Harper Collins

If you wanted to cite a short quotation from the book you would write the author's surname, followed by the publication year in brackets and then the short quote. At the end of the quote, you would write the page number in brackets.

For example:

Foer (2004) said "quote" (p. 209)

If you wanted to cite a long quotation from the book you should write the author's name and date as above, but blockquote the quote on the line below. Again you must write the page number at the end of the quote.

For example:

Foer (2004) said

"quote" (p. 34)

If you paraphrase a passage from the book, you just need to write the author's surname and the date. It is not necessary to write the page number.