What would be some possible cause and effect relationships in "A Sound Of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury?

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“A Sound of Thunder” is a good example of cause and effect relationships.  The famous butterfly effect states that a small thing can make a huge difference, like a butterfly flapping its wings and creating a hurricane.  In this story, stepping on a butterfly completely changes the future.

Here are some cause and effect relationships in the story:

CAUSE:  Someone invents a time machine.  EFFECT: A company finds a way to use it for profit.

Someone figured out that people would love the once in a lifetime experience of killing a dinosaur.  Rich people will pay big money for unique experiences.

CAUSE: You kill an animal in the past that was not just about to die.  EFFECT: it changes the future.

The idea that changing the past changes the future is common in science fiction and time travel stories.  This is why the hunters mark a clear path and choose which animals are about to die, so changes in the past don’t affect the future.

CAUSE: Eckels leaves the path.  EFFECT: He steps on the butterfly.

If he had not left the path, he presumably would have been fine.  The travel agency has been successful many times in the past.

Here’s one last cause and effect relationship for you.

CAUSE: Eckles changes the future by stepping on the butterfly. EFFECT:  Travis kills Eckels.



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