What would be some good book club questions for Dollbaby by Laura Lane McNeal?

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The best questions for a book club are questions that allow the members to really dig into the story while also sharing a little about themselves and their experiences. You may want to try the following questions for Dollbaby:

  1. What statement does this novel make about family? How did your family influence the person you are today?
  2. Which character do you relate to the most, and why?
  3. What secrets are in Fannie’s house? How do they affect the characters?
  4. This book portrays what life was like in the South during this time period. Which traditions were unfamiliar to you? Which could you relate to?
  5. How is the Civil Rights Movement woven into the story line? What are the parallels between the story and current political issues?
  6. In the story, Ibby is told to “be willing to live the life that is waiting for you.” Explain this quote from your perspective.
  7. This story is told through the perspective of any eleven year old, Ibby. How would the story had changed if another character had narrated?
  8. What was the most poignant moment in the story for you? Why?
  9. How was the city of New Orleans its own character in the story? Have you ever visited New Orleans?
  10. How does this story relate to some of the novels read by the group previously?
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