What would be some disadvantages to "designer babies?"

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Designer babies are babies specifically 'designed' by using genetic engineering to contain some specific traits. These traits could pertain to intelligence, hair color, eye color, health, etc. This can be done by modifying their genetic makeup to add the genes for desired traits or by removing genes that may cause disease, etc. Although there are advantages to this, such as a better life expectancy, lesser health risks, etc., there are a number of disadvantages as well. This technique is fairly new, expensive and still in its infancy. This means that the chance for error is great, which could result in embryos being terminated if something went wrong with the procedure. The child itself has no say in the procedure and hence this could be termed as a violation of his/her rights. The technique could potentially divide our society into designer and non-designer people. Since designer babies would be subjectively superior in some characteristics, the divide between the designer and non-designer babies in terms of intelligence, looks, health, etc. would be large. 

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