From the modern setting, what would the Romantic thinkers like?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the Romantic thinkers would love how there is a stronger sense of environmental consciousness in modern society today.  There are still threats to the environment and to natural beauty, but there is a greater environmental ethic in the modern setting than in the past and this is something that the Romantic thinkers would appreciate.  I think that the Romantic thinker would be fascinated with the promises and possibilities of the internet.  The Romantic thinker would appreciate the democratization of information that the web offers, bridging the elitist gap that offended the social sensibility of the Romantic thinker.  I also think that the emphasis on the individual through blogging and the blogosphere is something that the Romantic thinker would enjoy.  In general, the modern political climate that favors individual voice through different political and social organizations is something that appeals to the activist nature of the Romantic thinker.  The fact that modern psychology is geared towards understanding what dreams and recurring symbols mean is another Romantic tendency that would be embraced today, an idea that one can try to better understand oneself but might have to be content with a sense of the "negative capacity" in consciousness.  This is a Romantic tendency evident in the modern condition.