What would Robert E. Lee think of about the Gettysburg address?  

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Robert E. Lee probably would have supported the ideas contained in the Gettysburg Address. President Lincoln went to Gettysburg in November 1863 to commemorate the cemetery where many soldiers were buried as a result of the Battle of Gettysburg. In his speech, President Lincoln talked about these soldiers died for a cause for which they were fighting. President Lincoln emphasized that is was the responsibility of the living to finish the work that these soldiers began. These soldiers were fighting for the ideas containing in the Constitution and for the ideals for which we fought in the Revolutionary War. We believed that government must respond to the needs of the people and must protect the rights of the people.

Robert E. Lee understood these ideas very well. Robert E. Lee said he would fight on whatever side his home state of Virginia joined. He understood the causes for which each side was fighting. His belief in the southern reasons for fighting was as strong as President Lincoln’s belief in the northern causes for fighting. Robert E. Lee believed that his soldiers also died for a cause for which they were fighting. He believed the living soldiers in the South needed to carry on the fight for those southern soldiers that had died. Robert E. probably would have fully supported the ideas contained in the Gettysburg address.

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