What are the symbols of the short story "The Stolen Party" by Liliana Heker?

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Below, I provide further information about the monkey and the magician as symbols in the story.

The text tells us that the magician calls the monkey his "partner." During shows, the magician addresses the monkey respectfully; when the animal becomes distracted, he draws him back with kind words and reminders. However, the magician's apparently high regard for the monkey is belied by the fact that he keeps the latter in a cage prior to performances.

The magician symbolizes the facade that polite society shows the world. Personal biases may percolate below the surface, but they are always hidden by carefully scripted behavior. Meanwhile, the monkey represents those who are dependent on their betters for their livelihood.

In the story, Senora Ines is like the magician. She must use deception (or flattery) to draw Rosaura's attention away from the truth of the situation: Rosaura is merely the hired help at the party. She is not on the same "level" as the other child guests. This is why Senora...

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