What can modern students learn from the film Troy, which is based on Homer's Iliad?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Modern viewers of the movie Troy can learn many points from the movie Troy, if they have a eyes to learn. Let me name a few universal themes that the movie makes.

First, there is an emphasis on warfare. One of the constants in our world so far is that there have been wars and based on this we can say that there will be wars in the future. In this sense, the movie gives us a realistic picture of what the world is like.

Second, there is also an emphasis on pride. Achilles is proud and angry. Agamemnon is no less proud and very jealous of Achilles. This pride almost makes the Greeks lose the war against the Trojans. From this point, we can say that the world is filled with pride and that when two proud people clash, there can be great disaster.

Third, there is a love story that is interwoven in the movie. In fact, the war begins on account of Paris's love for Helen. We can appreciate that love is a vital force in our world that can cause conflict.