What would be a question southern plantation owners would ask small farmers in 1837 about the actions of President Jackson? I need to create a response in question form that is a question directed to small farmers in 1837. So the response might be something that Pres jackson did to small farmers in the 1837 time period.

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Andrew Jackson was an interesting figure in American history because of his somewhat scattered appeal. Through most of his presidency, Jackson enjoyed the support of small farmers in the north, south and west because like them, he was a self-made man with the interests of the common people at heart. He was generally disliked by the rich, well-born elite who lost control of the White House during his presidency, especially those in the South due to his support of what they called, “The Tariff of Abominations” and his actions during the nullification crisis.

When considering what a rich plantation owner might ask a poor yeoman farmer, you should focus on these two events since southern society was split down economic lines on how best to react to these crises.

The plantation owner might ask some of the following questions. The farmer’s response is in italics;

“How can you support President Jackson when his tariffs choke off our trade and favor northern industrialists?”

Jackson has done much for common farmers like myself. He has pushed the Cherokee off their land, opening it up for settlement by people like me and his had also vowed to destroy the U.S. Bank, breaking up the corruption and freeing the money so that people like me can get loans!

“Don’t you think that the president threatening to invade South Carolina is an affront to our liberties?”

The president is just trying to stand strong for the Union, but her should remember that the tariff favors only one part of the country.

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