What would be a physical description of the community in The Giver?

Expert Answers
jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure if you're looking for a topographical description of the area, or if you are looking for a description of the people in the community.  So, I'll do a little of both.

For the community itself, I picture something very Stepford-ish.  Beautiful landscapes, cookie-cutter houses, well-maintained lawns.  No animals, though, of any kind.  Everything is fairly close together, since the citizens use bicycles to get everywhere they need to go.  There is also a bridge going over the river to Elsewhere.

For the people, almost everyone has brown or dark eyes.  Jonas and Gabriel, with one or two other exceptions, are the only people with light-colored eyes.  Since the people who live there are a result of genetic engineering - not random pairings - their looks are probably very mainstreamed.  Though there are abnormalities (like Fiona's red hair or JOnas's light eyes), most people probably look very much the same.  Also, since no one in the community except Jonas and the Giver are able to see color, this enhances the sameness between people.