What would Mr. Gatz write in his eulogy at Gatsby's funeral?some ideas plz. i have to make it a paragraph. thnkx in advance  

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Look at what Henry Gatz says to Nick in chapter 9 and even more importantly, look at what relic from Jay's past his father brings with him to New York - the book with the notations written in it.  Each one of the six resolves that young Jimmy Gatz wrote in his book would probably be a point made in Henry Gatz's eulogy to his son.  I think Henry would lead with something like, "If Jimmy would have lived, he'd have been someone great.  He was bound to get ahead because he had a big future before him....".  Henry would dwell on the positives of his son and the resolves, as well as that very disciplined schedule, show a determined, driven boy.  The last resolve, "Be better to parents" would have been a fitting conclusion to the eulogy, too.

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