Cognitive Psychology

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What would be the most effective way to develop skills to be able to simplify complex information?

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The cognitive skill that is mostly used for tasks that involve simplicity and complexity is cognitive processing speed. As a measure of cognitive proficiency, processing speed entails the use of all cognitive resources to recognize, perform, and complete a task. People who perform with this noted ability are often referred to as "fast thinkers".

Research in the field of gifted education shows that these "fast thinkers" are individuals who:

  • look for, and identify patterns in order to
  • make connections
  • revert to their schema (activate their prior knowledge)
  • synthesize information
  • skim and scan for relevant facts
  • organize and categorize data
  • select from a variety of strategies, often even working backwards

Far from a merely gifted skill, cognitive speed processing can actually be increased in all individuals. From a Vygotskian perspective, the best way to increase cognitive processing is by making a habit of working at a zone of proximal development (ZPD). This means to...

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