What would be a method for finding a thesis statement about JFK's assassination?

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The first step might be to determine where your interests lie – in the motive?  In the political fallout? In the missed presidential opportunity? etc.  Then examine your bias or attitude or opinion about that area of inquiry – was there a conspiracy?  Did Johnson do a good job?  etc.  Then word that area and attitude in a question that has two sides to research and argue – What is the evidence for a Cuban conspiracy?  Who would benefit by Kennedy’s death?  What might have been accomplished by his presidency? etc.  This approach to a thesis statement gives you plenty of room to explore the subject and solidify your ideas as you research and write.  Leave room for discoveries during the process. Avoid being too specific at the outset of wording your thesis statement, but be exact and specific in the final draft.  Your final draft thesis statement should not be in question form, of course, but instead an arguable point of view, with researched evidence as support.  The questioning in an early draft is a way to make your final statement convincing. This project deserves your creative abilities as well as your organizational skills.

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