What would a map of the setting of The Great Gatsby look like?I can't visualize where the main elements would be located, like the Valley of the Ashes, Long Island Sound, etc.

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mitchrich4199 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I've enclosed a link to a map of Long Island and Manhattan. The map is at the bottom of the page. Long Island Sound is at the top of the map and is noted. The Eggs are a little bit difficult because they are not listed as East Egg and West Egg on the map. Rather, they are listed as Kings Point, which would be West Egg, and Sands Point, which would be East Egg. On the map that I've enclosed, these are not labeled but they are directly above where the yellow that denotes New York City ends on Long Island. The Eggs are directly northwest of Freeport. With that laid out, you can visualize that there is a road between the Eggs and Manhattan. That is where the Vally of the Ashes is. It would be at the top of the yellow piece on the map.

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