What is the main motivation of John Protor, Thomas Putnam, Rev. Jale, Tituba, Giles Corey and Rev. Parris in Act 1 of "The Crucible"?

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John Proctor's motivation is to stay out of the witchcraft hysteria.  After he speaks to Abigail and learns that the girls in the woods were not engaging in anything but fun, he thinks that the whole thing will blow over. 

Thomas Putnam has a desire to buy his neighbor's land at a discount price.  Plus, the witchcraft hysteria allows him to place the blame for the death of his 7 babies squarely on Rebecca Nurse, who is arrested and executed.

Rev Hale comes to Salem as an authority on witchcraft and identifying a witch, as well as curing those who are bewitched.  He is determined to find a mark on Betty Parris.  He gets Tituba to confess, which leads to Abigail's confession. 

Tituba, the black slave of Rev Parris, her motivation is to stay alive.  She confesses to witchcraft to stop from being beaten by Parris and to save herself from the hangman's noose.

Giles Corey, in Act I, mentions to Rev Hale that his wife Martha reads strange books and that he can't say his prayers one night while she is reading.  Once she stops, he can pray again.  He just wants an explanation for why his third wife, Martha reads so many books.

Rev Parris, in Act I, is interested in protecting his job and his reputation.  He does not feel accepted by the congregation in Salem, and when Betty gets sick, and the Doctor can't help her, he sends for Rev. Hale to help her.  He is really helping himself.  


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