What would be the main events in a timeline for The Tale of Desperaux?

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The following would be important events:

Despereaux's birth, his finding the story of the knight and princess, his meeting with the king and Princess Pea, his banishment to the dungeon, Roscuro the rat's birth, Roscuro's discovery of light, his visit to the dungeon and acquisition of the red cloth,the death of the queen, the birth of Miggery Sow, Miggery sees the princess, Miggery becomes a royal servant, the meeting of Miggery and Roscuro, Desperaux's escape from the dungeon, his meeting with Cook, the kidnapping of Princess Pea,  the rescue of the princess (reunion of Miggery and her father, Roscuro's eating of soup), and the friendship between Desperaux and Princess Pea. 

There are many flashbacks in the story, so putting these events in order would require some close reading.

duygubeyduz | Student
The main event is when desperaux understands that the prisoner in the dungeon is father of the girl who wants to be a princess