Please list the events that were significant in the scramble for africa?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Scramble for Africa included dozens of attempts to colonize African nations, and almost as many major and minor conflicts between imperial nations. Much of importance will be left off of any list, but some of the major events are as follows:

  • The Zulu War and the First Boer War solidify British control over South Africa from 1879-1881. 
  • Henry Stanley's exploration of the Congo on behalf of King Leopold of Belgium leads to the establishment of the Congo Free State in 1882. This is usually cited as the beginning of the "scramble" for Africa.
  • Revolts in Egypt lead to British occupation of that nation in 1882.
  • Otto von Bismarck convenes the Berlin Conference between the major colonial powers in 1884-1885. At the conference, the powers attempt to lay out a framework for avoiding open conflict among European nations as a result of competition for territory in Africa.
  • Germany gains control of Cameroon, 
  • Victory in the Second Boer War brings all of South Africa under British control at the turn of the century.
  • The Fashoda Incident, a crisis in the Sudan between Britain and France, leads to a delineation of spheres of influence between the two powers in 1898-99.
  • The Algeciras Conference of 1906 temporarily resolves grievances between France and Germany over Morocco.