What would be a literary analysis of chapter 15 in the novel Things Fall Apart?

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Obierika tells the story of the first white man to be seen by the tribe. When the villagers consult their Oracle, it is clear that white man is going to be the result of the destruction of the tribe, and so they take violent action against this white man. It is key that Uchendu criticises this action as premature. and it is also important to note that although Okonkwo agrees with him, he still upholds Umuofian tradition about warfare. However, one of the key images of the novel is that of the white men spreading destruction "like locusts". Ironically, this is incredibly true, for through the coming of the white men the village will be destroyed and nothing good will come to the survivors.

We see in this chapter therefore the beginnings of the implacable opposition between the whites and the natives. Although the whites reaction to the death of one white man is very over the top, Achebe uses this conflict to comment on the oppression and abuse of power that came with colonialism. The chapter ends with a foreshadowing of Okonkwo's suicide in a lighthearted piece of dialogue with Obierika.

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