What would be the influences in a child's development?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a multiplicity of influences that converge in a child's development.  The immediate factor of the child's upbringing plays a large role in their development, for it helps lay the groundwork for the physical, emotional, and psychological development of the child.  At the same time, I think that the community in which a child emerges into adolescence can also play a role in their development, and holds much in way of influence of any child.  These factors can play a vitally essential role in how a child progresses, in whether a child can demonstrate the capacity to use their autonomy for positive ends and helps to develop the character and sensibilities of the child into an older adolescent.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many influences in a child's development. If we are talking about emotional development then one very important factor is how the child was raised. A child that was raised in a nurturing and caring environment will most likely have a different outcome than a child raised in a violent, non-nurturing home. A child raised in a positive environment will likely grow up to be a caring individual. A child that was raised in a violent home will have a greater chance of growing up with negative attitudes and may be a violent person as well. This is related to Social Learning Theory which states that people learn from those around them and in turn model that behavior.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the child's development in the novel Wuthering Heights I will refer to Heathcliff's development.

-Heathcliff is a young child who is abandoned after his mother's death.  -He is a Roma/Gypsy which is a despised population. (These two prevailing conditions already affect his self-worth and self-esteem)

-Mr. Earnshaw brings him home to be part of his family.  Heathcliff is relocated from the city to a rural area.  He has to adjust to a new family and their values and lifestyle and school.

-Heathcliff is unwanted by the step-brother, Hindley.  He finds comfort and acceptance through Catherine Earnshaw.

-Heathcliff and Catherine are allowed to run freely through the countryside.  They attend school at home because the adjustment is too hard for Heathcliff because others mock him.  Hindley is sent away to school.  This provides Heathcliff with a sense of security in the household.

-Mr. Earnshaw dies leaving Heathcliff abandoned once again.  Although he is able to live at the estate, he is reduced to stable hand by Hindley who inherits everything.

-Catherine begins to find that she likes the lifestyle at the Linton Estate.  Heathcliff can not offer her any type of financial security and lives in a state of poverty.

Heathcliff has experienced many social delays caused by his abandonment’s. Just as he can feel some sense of security the man who provided it dies.  Heathcliff has low self-esteem and no real chance of gaining any financial gain in his circumstances at Wuthering Heights.  He ends up with anti-social personality disorder.  He is socially isolated from other with the exception of being manipulative and deceptive.

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