What would Henry VIII ask of the Anglican church once he had broken away from the Roman Catholic Church?

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There are at least two ways to answer this.

On one level, all that Henry really asked of the Church of England was to grant him a divorce.  The split with the Roman Catholic Church came about largely because of his desire to divorce Catherine of Aragon.  When Henry split from the Church, he naturally wanted the Church of England to grant him the divorce he wanted.

On another level, we can think about what Henry wanted from the Church of England in general.  What he wanted was for the church to be loyal and obedient to him.  He did not have much desire to really move the Church of England away from the Catholic Church in terms of doctrine or practices.  He issued things like the Six Articles, which kept celibate clergy and the doctrine of transubstantiation, among other things.  These are things that were being abandoned by the Lutherans and other Protestants, but which Henry wanted to keep.

So, Henry VIII wanted his divorce, but outside of that, he did not want a radically different church.  He wanted a church that would be doctrinally close to the Roman Catholic Church but which would be obedient to him.

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