What would help the human civilization advanced more being competitive or having the world comply and caoperate?Human evolution prosperity cingularity one mind

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I think human civilization can advance through a little bit of both. Competitve nature allows to be able to survive and thrive on the planet. The foundation of the theory of natural selection (survival of the fittest) is the fact that organisms can survive and reproduce. The higher the levels of reproduction. The more advanced we can become. On the other hand, we rely on others to sustain our own survival. Comperation and mutual relationships between human being helps us survive also. If you think about the dynamic of a family, people in the family work together to insure the survival and the preservation of their lineage. This works the same way in real life. In terms of human advancement, we a lot of people with a lot of great ideas to help us create more. We need to consider humans as a individual and then as a whole to insure human advancement.

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