What would the soldier have written back to Luz if he had the opportunity to write back to her in "A Very Short Story"?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the soldier quarreled with Luz on the train in "A Very Short Story," he would have probably written her a letter of apology that would have expressed his desire for reconciliation and his love for her. He would have promised to adhere to their previous agreement: that he would get a job, abstain from drinking, and stay away from his old friends until she could join him. A different tone would have been evident in any letters he may have sent after receiving her own message that detailed her break-up with him. He most certainly would not have mentioned the social disease that he contracted, and believing that she had married the Italian officer, he may have tried to embellish his own fortunes in New York. Believing that she was lost to him forever, he would have probably wished her well, not realizing that she was still a single woman and, possibly, willing to reunite with him in America as they had originally planned.  

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