The Giver Questions and Answers
by Lois Lowry

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What would have happened to Jonas and Gabe if the searchers found them?  

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Jonas and Gabe would more than likely have been sent to Elsewhere and ended The Giver in a much different manner than the way it was concluded. Of course, the Elsewhere that they would have encountered would have been death--not the faraway land that they discovered in the final chapter. Like all dissidents and imperfect beings, they would have been euthanized in the same manner that others had been before them. Jonas' crime of deserting his selected position and the kidnapping of his young brother would have left little choice for the leaders of the community.

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gabb3rz420 | Student

Jonas had already broken three rules. One, he left the dwelling at night.(A major transgression) Two, he had robbed the community of food. And finally, he had stolen his fathers bicycle. So with these rules broken, if Jonas would have been caught he would most likely get released.  And Gabe might of also gotten Released since he was already been planned to get Released.

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I believe that both of them would have been released.  The people would receive the memories that the Giver had given to Jonas, but they would recover.  The process of finding a new receiver would begin all over again.  If you recall, to be released is to be killed.

The children are both receivers so the process would take longer.  One thing that we are aware is that Jonas and Gabriel have light eyes which may be a quality that the elders will be looking for when they look to find a new receiver.