What would happen if we did not have an occipital bone in our skull?

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ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think it is important to discuss the fact the occipital bone of the skull protects the occipital lobe of the brain.  If we did not have the occibital bone we would most likely suffer sever head trauma and die.  The brain needs the bones of the skull for protection.  A helmet would need to be utilized or some kind of bone grafting would need to occur. 

The occipital lobe of the brain is our visual processing center.  Due to this, if we were missing the bone and suffered some kind of head trauma, our visual processing would be disrupted.  Some of the visual disturbances that could occur are visual field defects, impacted discrimination of movement and color, and  hallucinations.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Occipital bone is one of the eight bones that enclose the brain and make up what is called the cranium.  These eight bones are called the cranial bones.  The occipital bone is situated at the back of the skull. It rests on the spinal column and forms a joint on which the head moves.

Occipital bone performs two important function. One is to enclose and protect the brain along with other cranium bones. The other function is to provide a site for the joint which enables movement of the head. Without the occipital bone in our skull, part of our brain will lack the protection provided by skull and we will not be able to move our head.

revolution | Student

Occipital bone is a saucer-shaped membrane in our head, situated at the lower part of the cranium, and it helps to enclose the brain, providing a tight barrier. It is found at the back of the skull at our head It helps to protect the brain from any damage. It enables movement of the head relative to the spine. Without this bone, we would not be able to move our head at all, and our brain would be destroyed, without this as the main line of defence.

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