In A Doll's House, what would happen to Nora after she left her house?in terms of her personal life as a widow and her job opportunities after divorce

Expert Answers
cybil eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since we have no facts provided in the play about her future, we can only speculate. We know that Kristine has opened a shop and run a little school; now she wants a job at the bank. Perhaps Nora can qualify for such a job based on her skill in paying back the loan; however, her forgery may follow her and wipe out any chances in the financial world. Nora spent hours copying to earn money; maybe she can find a similar job since her handwriting is good. She also did a great deal of sewing, she says, to earn money. Job opportunities for women in her day were limited.

On the other hand, she doesn't seem to have thought through her decision to leave. What does she say she will do? No miracle saved her from the truth of her forgery coming to light; it's unlikely her fantasy of "some rich old gentleman" will come true either.  She says she longer believes in miracles.

As a woman who has left her husband and family (she's not a widow because Torvald is alive), she may well be shunned in society unless she creates a new personal history. What she has now is her self-esteem, but will that be enough to support her? Kristine tells Nora that Nora has never seen hard times, but she undoubtedly will now.