What would happen if the carbon cycle was disrupted?

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If there were an interruption in the carbon cycle, life on Earth as we know it would be in danger of being disrupted.  There is a finite amount of carbon contained on the Earth, and the carbon cycle is instrumental in replacing carbon that has been used by living things, so that it can be used over again.  Take plants, for example; they have to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help conduct the process of photosynthesis, which helps them manufacture glucose, which fuels the plants cells.  Without carbon dioxide, the plants would not do as well, and potentially die, creating a problem for all the animals on the planet, Since they have to breathe oxygen to live.  Oxygen is given off as a waste product by the plants while they are conducting photosynthesis.  The carbon cycle is very important to all things living, as they are composed primarily of carbon, so it is important the carbon cycle stay on schedule for now and the forseeable future!


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