What would be a good thesis statement for informing people about capital punishment? The only thesis statements I could think of would be for or against capital punishment.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As I understand it, you are looking for a thesis statement that is only meant to inform people about capital punishment and not one that is meant to argue for or against it.  There are a number of ways in which you could do this.  I will give you a few options and you can decide which one seems like the best choice for you.

First, you could have a thesis statement about the history of the death penalty, either in the US (assuming you are American) or in the world as a whole.  Your essay could then be about the ways the death penalty has changed over the years.  This might be interesting as there is a controversy right now as to what method of execution is most humane and therefore most appropriate.  One possible thesis statement here would be “While the United States has always had capital punishment, the way in which the death penalty has been carried out has changed many times over the years.”

Second, you could have a thesis statement about attitudes towards the death penalty around the world.  You could talk about how it is banned in most places and why that is the case.  You would not be presenting an argument but rather making a statement about what arguments other people are making.  Your thesis statement could be something like, “Although the death penalty is popular among many Americans, relatively few countries execute people today and many people around the world believe that capital punishment is wrong.”

Finally, you could report on the controversy over the death penalty in the US.  Again, you would be talking about arguments that other people make rather than taking sides in that argument.  Your thesis statement could be something like “When Americans argue over the death penalty today, they take differing views about the morality, constitutionality, and fairness of the punishment and they disagree on whether it carries too great a risk of executing an innocent person.”

None of these thesis statements would be making an argument for or against capital punishment.  They are all thesis statements that could be the basis for an expository essay.

bagherim943 | Student

Try to think of one that explains capital punishment.