What would be a good thesis statement for the epiphany Sammy had in John Updikes A&P short story?

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A good thesis for Sammy's epiphany in Updike's story should be a statement of how his life is affected by his decision to quit his job. When the teenaged Sammy acts impulsively in what he feels is a chivalrous act, he finds himself thrust into a world that is more complicated than he previously imagined.

Certainly, there is a new awareness of the world that impresses itself upon Sammy after he boldly quits his job to impress the girls who have immodestly entered the A & P grocery store in their swimsuits. On one hand, Sammy's action is in response to his cynicism about the adult world. This world that he perceives is populated with "houseslaves in pin curlers" with "varicose veins mapping their legs" who drive their shopping carts down the aisle "like sheep." Sammy describes one of the women that he particularly dislikes, calling her a "cash-register watcher." He faults her by remarking, "I know it made her day to trip me up."

On the other hand, the young Sammy is driven by his romantic...

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