What would be a good thesis statement describing Brutus as the tragic hero of Julius Caesar?

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A thesis statement is a sentence expressing the central claim of your paper. The problem here is not that you are struggling to formulate a thesis "statement" but rather that you haven't yet developed a thesis to be stated. A thesis is a point that you are arguing. Since Brutus is widely acknowledged to be the tragic hero of Julius Caesar, it does not need to be argued; you should look for a thesis which would either need to be supported or which which illuminate some new aspect of the play for a reader. 

The reason the Brutus is widely acknowledge to be the hero of the play is twofold. First, there is no one else who fits the role. Caesar dies early, Mark Antony and Octavian are the antagonists, and Cassius is a morally dubious character. 

Brutus himself has the standard...

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