What would be a good thesis statement based on the character of the grandmother?

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The grandmother is the central character in this story by Flannery O'Connor. The transformational experience of the grandmother finds her being judged by a murderer who has cornered her family.  

He, Misfit, finds the grandmother lacking he criticizes her the same way that she tears into her son and his family always complaining, finding everyone beneath her, feeling superior to everyone.  It is a deliverance of justice in a creepy, eerie way, that grandmother would be sent from this world from someone that she would ordinarily not give the time of day to, had she not been held hostage with a gun in her face. 

Misfit, the killer, brings out the best of grandmother, changing her, reforming her, bring her to her knees, finding her compassion for another human being, except its too late.

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