In an interview Bobbie Ann Mason gave, she said she’s more interested in the male characters in her stories than in the females. Discuss how she has selected the details of "Shiloh" to portray Norma Jean’s husband, Leroy Moffitt, with compassion.  

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A good thesis statement should provide a 'road map,' or an over view, of the entire essay, containing: 

1) an assertion or opinion about the topic.  In your case, Mason uses detail in her short story "Shiloh" to portray Norma Jean's husband, Leroy Moffitt, with compassion.

2) Multiple sub-points that support your assertion.  These sub-points will eventually become your main body paragraphs of the essay. 

If the author constructs a compassionate characterization for Leroy Moffitt through the use of detail, then how exactly does she accomplish this?  Find three main supporting ideas to back up this opinion.  Your sub-points could be various moments in the plot--exposition, rising action, or climax.  You could also choose your sub-points in terms of various Leroy moments in the story:  his injury, his dream of building a log cabin, or his fragile emotional connection to Norma Jean.

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