What would be a good thesis for "Araby," "Eveline," and "The Sisters"?

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In addition to the possible theses outlined in the other answer to this question, it's worth considering building a thesis around the absence of father figures in these three stories. Indeed, though each story gives us a snapshot into three distinct families, none of them produce stable or reliable father figures. In "The Sisters," the narrator lives with his aunt and uncle, and seems to have looked up to Father Flynn as a kind of father figure, as it's suggested that Father Flynn gave him an education of some kind. However, the deceased Father Flynn also seems to be have been complicated himself, with the final image of him laughing in the confession box suggesting sinister undertones to the old man's kindliness and unsettling our image of him as a stable masculine presence. Likewise, in "Araby ," the narrator lives with his aunt and uncle, and the latter seems not only not to care about his nephew's expressed wish to visit the bazaar, but also seems to...

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