What would be a good research question for the major political difference between the Republican Party and Democratic Party in the upcoming national election?

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This year is certainly a weird one for politics in the United States. The two main candidates are probably the most unpopular candidates ever to face each other in the battle for president. The situation can raise some interesting questions. Right now, aside from the usual differences between Republicans and Democrats, we have a new difference between the candidates. Trump is the true outsider, but he's unpredictable. Clinton is predictable, a tried and true Democrat, but she has a lot baggage. Can voters take a risk with Trump, or will they go with well-known Hillary?

Let's look at one question for each of the candidates.

1. Will Donald Trump's outspoken style attract enough voters to the Republican party to defeat the more predictable Democrat Hillary Clinton? The question addresses the effect of Trump's oratory. He has gained support by using what his supporters consider a “straight shooting” speaking style. Detractors say he the style is reckless and indicative of a man unfit for public office.

2. Will Hillary Clinton be able to overcome her negatives, such as the email controversy and the Benghazi episode that the Republicans simply will not quit talking about?

3. Will a third party candidate, like the Libertarian's Gary Johnson, finally be able to attract a sizable chunk of votes? The Libertarians have never gotten more than about 1% of vote in a presidential election. But with the dissatisfaction voters are feeling over Trump and Clinton, maybe it's time for a third party to show some muscle. Nobody thinks they can win, but if they could pull in even 10% of the vote it might make an impact on future political races.


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