What would be a good quote from To Kill a Mockingbird for hypocrisy?I need a good quote for this!

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I'm guessing that the novel in which you are referring is To Kill a Mockingbird, since hypocrisy is one of the themes explored by its author, Harper Lee. My favorite quote concerning hypocrisy comes at the missionary circle tea hosted by Aunt Alexandra. Scout has already been ridiculed by Miss Stephanie, and she has endured the holier-than-thou attitude displayed by Mrs. Merriweather, "the most devout lady in Maycomb." But Scout has also heard the ladies discussing "the Negro problem" in Maycomb, and their comments do not reflect the same Christian attitude that they seem to hold toward the Mruna tribe in Africa. The ladies' unladylike talk remind Scout why she prefers the company of men.

     There was something about them, no matter how much they cussed and drank and gambled and chewed; no matter how undelectable they were; there was something about them I instinctively liked... they weren't--
     "Hypocrites, Mrs. Perkins. Born hypocrites," Mrs. Merriweather was saying. "At least we don't have that sin on our shoulders down here..."

Mrs. Merriweather continued her diatribe against Negroes until Atticus suddenly appeared with the news that Tom had been killed trying to escape from prison.

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