What would be good questions to ask about Chapters 7 and 8 of "The Scarlet Letter"

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1. Why did Hester go to see Governor Bellingham?
2. What did Hester and Pearl see in the breasplate of armor? What is the significance of what they see?
3. What is Pearl's reply when asked "Who made thee?"
4. What convinced the governor to let Hester keep Pearl?

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Chapter 7:  “The Governor’s Hall”


  1. Name 2 reasons Hester visits Governor Bellingham.


  1. How are the Scarlet Letter and Pearl alike?


Chapter 8:  “The Elf and the Minister”


  1. Who are the other visitors at the Governor’s house?


  1. How much time has elapsed since the opening scene?


  1. With what creatures of fantasy is Pearl continually compared?


  1. How has Chillingworth changed since Hester last saw him?


  1. Why does John Wilson question Pearl ?


  1. How has Rev. Dimmesdale changed since Hester’s public humiliation?


  1. Who pleads successfully for Hester to keep her child?


  1. To which visitor does Pearl respond to lovingly?


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