What would be a good newspaper title for Ender's Game?

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This question is a bit unclear, but I think you are asking what kind of headline we might see in the newspaper about the situation in Enders Game.  This would depend on what point in the story you want to "report" about. Since this is a story about war, you might want to look at newspaper headlines from World War II.  Headlines from that period might give you a good idea what headlines reporting a war actually look like.  The other kinds of headlines you might want to consider would be those that report on sports.  Since this is Enders Game, and Ender thought he was playing a game, you could create headlines showing the scores of the teams he trained with or headlines showing scores of the "game" between the Buggers and the humans.  I have provided a link to some World War II headlines you might want to look at.

If you are talking about an actual title for a newspaper, would this be a newspaper that reported exclusively on events in the story?  If so, then you might want to look at the names of newspapers all over the country, just to get an idea what kinds of titles newpapers use.  I have provided a link for information about newspaper titles, too. 

I hope these suggestions are of use to you and that I have not completely misunderstood your question. Good luck! 

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