What would be good modern day theme songs for the places in The Great Gatsby?I am writing an essay about having a theme song for characters, events, or places in the Great Gatsby.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think this assignment is awesome.  I will try to be as broad as possible in trying to address all of the topics.  I would say that Pink Floyd's song, "Money," would be a great song to play in describing Gatsby's parties and the people who inhabit it.  The idea of money being something that drives individual selfishness and self interest is evident in the song and in the "flapper" lifestyle being depicted  ("I'm all right, Jack/ Keep your hands off of my stack.")  I think any song that talks about money would work here.  How about Tony Bennett's "Rags to Riches" to describe Gatsby, himself?  ("Must I forever be a beggar?")  In describing Jordan, Sugarland's "Mean Girls" might be a very good song.  In describing Gatsby's feelings for Daisy, using Sinead O'Connor's ballad, "Nothing Compares 2 U" might be really appropriate.  Finally, I would say that James Brown's "It's a Man's World" is an excellent song for Tom, who is unscathed despite being a  personification of cruelty.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since the setting is the Jazz Age, some of the music from the jazz genre would seem appropriate.  There is one jazz song entitled "Tuxedo Junction," for example, that might work well for Gatsby's party.  The song "The Way We Were" could accompany the reunion of Daisy and Jay Gatsby;  the part in which "we choose to remember" seems especially appropriate.  And the song "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" could accompany the Valley of Ashes.  And, perhaps, as Jay Gatsby looks longing at the green light on the end of her pier, Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman" could be heard in the background.

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