What would be a good grabber sentence for my paper on tone and diction on the book Anthem by Ayn Rand?

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How about "Because Ayn Rand is known for her strong (opinions, political views, economic stand, belief in individuality over collectivism), her writing style is often overlooked, but is in fact (a repudiation or a contradiction or a reinforcement) of her philosophy."  Your essay would then examine her style to support your contention, (whatever it is; that is your work; use whatever terms in parenthesis work for you.)  You would then look at such elements as syntax, vocabulary, diction, etc. to discuss tone and diction and make your case.  A more daring "grabber" would be if you "picked a fight"; for example, "While Ayn Rand is known for her strong defense of individuality and creativity, her own writing style is derivative, unimaginative, and pedestrian."  (I'm not saying this; I'm just giving an example of a more "grabber" approach to the topic.)

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