What would be a good creative title for chapter 4 of Lord of the Flies?

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Chapter Four of William Golding's Lord of the Flies  marks the beginnings of the descent into savagery in the boys as indicated by the title "Painted Faces and Long Hair." In this chapter, there are four actions that are central to the boys' spiritual degeneration and conflicts: 

1. After coming from their posts of guarding the rescue fire, Roger and Maurice cruelly knock over the sand castles that the little boys have constructed, laughing sadistically as they do so. Then Roger throws stones all around little Henry, restraining himself from striking Henry only because of being conditioned by his society.

Roger stooped, picked up a stone, aimed and threw it at Henry-threw it to miss. The stone, that token of preposterous time, bounced five yards to Henry's right and fell in the water.

2. Jack calls to Roger, who, when called, opens his eyes and, seeing him, significantly has a "darker shadow creep beneath the darkness of his skin."Jack shows him that he has created a mask of colored clay for hunting the pigs that disguises him and liberates him from "shame and self-consciousness," two qualities only a civilized person would have.

Beside the pool his sinewy body held up a mask that drew their eyes and appalled them....the mask was a thing of its own, behind which Jack hid....

Then, Jack orders the other hunters to follow him as "The mask compelled them."

3. Piggy's influence wanes as he becomes marginalized because of his asthma, poor eyesight, "matter-of-fact ideas," and poor eyesight.  Ralph even finds him tiresome, although Simon is sympathetic, emerging as the main character who is extremely perceptive. 

4. After the fire goes out and the boys miss a chance of being rescued, an angered Ralph and Jack argue. Jack hits Piggy in the stomach and smacks his head, knocking off his glasses, breaking one lense.  But Ralph stands in the way and forces the boys to start a fire in a more inconvenient place.


Now, in considering a title, the student may wish to consider these key points and generate something from them. For instance, something like this could be the title of Chapter Four:


A Token of Preposterous Time, a Darker Shadow, Dazzle Paint, and Broken Glasses in the Sand

[all in the sand as metaphoric for "all on the island"].

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