What is a good concluding paragraph or sentence for an essay on "Miss Brill"?

Expert Answers
pippin1313 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this is going to depend greatly on what the rest of your essay is about. Most essays, I argue, should look at themes and authorial purpose (why the text was written) so ending with a summary of these in relation to your topic is a good idea.

"Miss Brill" looks at lonliness and false perceptions. Miss Brill herself thinks that she is fashionable and looked upon with kindness. Her epiphany comes when she overhears a young couple talking about her and realises that she is just some faded old woman that no one cares about.

A lot of Mansfield's work looks at the themes of class and where one fits into the world and "Miss Brill" is no exception. The title is rather ironic as there is nothing brilliant or dazzling about this woman at all.

Looking at these ideas should give you a good in as to how you should be concluding your work.

mrsperkins | Student

In conclusion, Miss Brill was not just an older lady looking for a companion or delusional for treating her fur as a friend. I think she had a creative imagination and she enjoyed every bit of it at the park. until, she over hears a young couple refer to her as old and stupid. they even talk about her prize possession her fur. She doesn't hesitate to go home missing her afternoon pie that she always stop at the bakery to pick up. Be carfeul what you say you never know who is listening.