What would be a good charitable organization to write an essay about?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The best charitable organization to write an essay about is one you have personal experience with, or one whose mission is important to you.

If you are writing an essay, the best thing to do is begin with something catchy.  You can start out with a statistic about the number of animals abandoned each day if you are writing about the ASPCA, or the number of people whose homes were demolished by natural disasters if you are writing about the Red Cross.  Then explain the organization’s mission in one simple, direct sentence.  The ASPCA protects animals, and the Red Cross helps people in need.

You might want to choose to make your essay persuasive.  For example, you could write why people should donate time or money to your charity.  Give an example of a specific person who works or volunteers there, and what good the person as done.  Examples make your essay more interesting and stronger.  

Go to the organization's web site to get its history and current projects.  If possible, describe how the charitable organization impacts your community and good things they have done for it.  Be specific, and name direct impacts the organization has had on you and your area.