What would be a good chapter title for chapter 9?I need it quickly. Please help!!

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A good chapter title for chapter 9 of The Outsiders is “Respect for the Dead.”

The chapter title should capture the essence of the chapter, and the plot, while creating an overarching sense of unity.  In the previous chapter, there are several events that led me to this mostly metaphorical title.  It is actually partly inspired by Cherry’s refusal to see Johnny in the hospital at the end of chapter 8, since he killed her boyfriend.  She knows he was a mean drunk, but out of respect for his memory she does not visit Johnny.

Johnny is dying in the hospital in chapter 8, so my title metaphorically refers to him as well.  Even though he’s not dead yet, Ponyboy wants Cherry to visit him because he is dying.

I also chose this title because of the impending rumble.  Cherry says that the Socs are not going to bring weapons, but we know what happened at the last rumble.  The Greasers win, and Dallas says that they are proud of Johnny.  Johnny asks Ponyboy to "stay gold" and dies.

sofiar0108 | Student

good chapter title for chapter 10-12 in the outsiders


ik9744 | Student

I would say, "Stay Gold Forever" would be a title that fits chapter 9.