Siegfried Sassoon

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What would be a good argumentative thesis for the poem  "Haunted" or the poem "Blighters" by Siegfried Sassoon?

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A good argumentative thesis about "Blighters" by Sassoon is that it critiques the shallow way in which people in England saw World War I when they had never experienced the fighting at the front. A "blighter" is an English term for a pathetic person, and in this poem, the blighters at home are at a dance hall watching the chorus girls sing a humorous patriotic song that goes "We're sure the Kaiser loves the dear old Tanks!” This lighthearted song does not capture the harsh reality of the war, and the poet feels like he would like to see a real tank roll through the dance hall. The poem captures the disparity between the reality of the war and the way in which people treat the war in a shallow way at home.

An argumentative thesis statement for the poem "Haunted" is that it presents nature as an evil and horrific force. In this poem, a man is walking through the woods in the evening. He goes on a "sudden race to leave the ghostly trees," and he is desperate to escape to the open fields. However, before he can escape, an evil creature attacks him. Clearly, the woods are a place of great menace in this poem.

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