What would be a fun activity to teach about Chapter 17 of the Odyssey, something fun and creative to get fellow classmates thinking (peer led class)?

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Chapter 17 of the The Odyssey is the chapter when Odysseus returns to Ithaca disguised as a beggar; the only one who recognizes Odysseus is his old hunting dog, Argos, who dies soon thereafter.

The general objective of literature classroom activities are to have students connect with a text on a deeper level so they may engage in analysis. What you may want to consider is helping your fellow classmates to connect with this text. Perhaps you can try asking one of your group members to come to class in a very clever disguise (this works particularly well if you know twins!) with a specific purpose in mind -- demonstrate how the disguise helps the student accomplish his/her goal. If this is not possible, or the student would be too recognizable, your group could perform a skit that shows the class what Odysseus was doing. A great motivational discussion would be about pets, and the connotation of dogs being "loyal" and "man's best friend;" how did the Greeks demonstrate this ideaology that we still maintain today?

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