How does Fred hope his Christmas invitation to Scrooge will turn out?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fred is hoping that his uncle will finally accept his invitation to join him at his home with his wife and friends for Christmas dinner.  Fred does not give up on his uncle, as is evidenced by the fact that he is a grown man and still trying to have a relationship with him.

Mr. Scrooge resists Fred's invitation and his desire to be his family because he resents him.  Fred is the son of his only sister Fan, who died giving birth to her son.  Scrooge's father resented him in the same way, because his mother died giving him life. 

Mr. Scrooge does not want to accept Fred's invitation also because he believes that his nephew married the wrong woman.  He believes that Fred married for the wrong reason, love, instead of bettering his social position.  So Scrooge does not approve of Fred's wife. 

However, when he does decide to go to Fred's house, at the end of the story, Fred and his wife welcome him with both open arms and a heart full of forgiveness for his past judgements of them.

Mr. Scrooge, no doubt, will enjoy the company of Fred and his wife, and their friends, in just the same way that he did when he visited their home with the Ghost of Christmas Present.     

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