What is the exposition, rising action, turning point, falling action, and denouement of "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"?

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Creating the standard plot chart for this story isn't quite as straightforward as it is for other short stories. The reason for this is because the story isn't told chronologically. A fairly substantial flashback occurs in part 2, so a reader has to decide whether or not that is part of the exposition, rising action, or both.

I don't feel comfortable saying that the exposition is entirely in section 2. Readers are introduced in section 1 to a man being hanged. The story begins en medias res; however, that still counts as an exposition. This starting format is a standard "how did we get here" approach, and we aren't given many details of who the main character is before being hit with rising actions involving the soldiers moving into their final positions before dropping the man from the bridge.

I would claim that part 2 is a big rising action in and of itself as well. It doesn't fit chronologically because it gives exposition details about who Farquhar is and why he was on the bridge;...

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